The Real You Counselling

CounsellOR nEAR WINCHESTER, Hampshire

Specialist Mentor
I am proud to be developing an additional role of Specialist Mentor supporting university students. Together, we explore the different challenges the student experiences in relation to their mental health, and establish life-long strategies for them to achieve their goals and have a positive impact on their overall wellbeing.
This fantastic piece or art work illustrates a work in progress, which parallels with a counselling journey. It's not a race to finish, a deadline to meet, or a tick box exercise, but a wondering process of discovery, a journey of exploring where you are and the different possibilities of what you want to draw […]
Using stones in a therapy session.
The use of stones can help overcome directly talking about your emotions. Different stones are used to represent how you perceive yourself, other people in your life and used to explore your thoughts and feelings in those relationships.
A calm and reflective space.