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CounsellOR nEAR WINCHESTER, Hampshire

The Real You Counselling

Shelley Dodd. BSc(Hons), FdA (Distinction), Diploma (Children, Young People) MBACP.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Shelley Dodd and I am a qualified counsellor based near Winchester in Hampshire supporting Children, Young People, and Adults with their physical and emotional wellbeing.

I offer face to face counselling sessions in a safe and supportive environment, online therapy, home visits and Ecotherapy: Walk and Talk Therapy

Why counselling?

There are many reasons why people choose to see a counsellor including.

⦁ Mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

⦁ Physical health conditions such as infertility, short- or long-term illnesses, terminal diagnoses.

⦁ Difficult life events such as loss, bereavement.

⦁ Difficult emotional experiences such as stress, feeling stuck, a change of role, unresolved emotional issues, or relationships difficulties.

⦁ Wanting to change unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour.

⦁ Personal growth and development in wanting a deeper understanding of ourselves.

How can counselling help?

Counselling is a talking therapy where we can work together to:

⦁ explore how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour affect you and your relationships with others.

⦁ support you develop a better understanding of yourself and develop your solutions to problems.

⦁ help you process and work through traumatic past experiences such as infertility, pregnancy loss, birth, bereavement, illness, disability and life transitions.

⦁ support you through periods of anxiety, stress, depression, panic attack, sadness, loneliness, low mood or self-worth.

⦁ reduce conflict within your family unit to create a better functioning home environment.

Client Reviews

I feel I have grown exponentially working with Shelley. She has helped me come out of my shell and challenges me in the best way possible, to ensure I reach my potential. Shelley thinks outside the box and helps me problem solve new ideas and solutions. She is truly inspiring.

Shelley, you've listened to me with a kind ear and not judged me when you could have, which I'll always be thankful for.

Shelley has helped me navigate and understand complex emotions which I have struggled with for many years and have been crippling. Shelley has also helped me identify my own patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful and with her help I am beginning to learn how to show myself compassion and look forward to leaving the past behind me. Her support has been invaluable and I am beginning to feel I have a brighter future ahead.

Shelley's consistency as a good human always made sessions very productive and feel like a super safe place.

Shelley speaks to me as a person and not a patient.

She has such a kind and empathetic manner.

Shelley has a positive, calming manner that instantly puts me at ease.

She helps me think and work rationally and realistically through my thoughts and concerns.

No judgement.

100% of clients reported they would have counselling with Shelley again and would recommend her to others.